Work smarter and choose a plan that fits your business.


Ex. VAT, per employee/month with an annual contract
(or € 1.50 per employee/month when paying monthly)
  • Book per half-day
  • Set max. occupancy at any time
  • Basis dashboard & analytics


Ex. VAT, per employee/month with an annual contract
(or € 2.50 per employee/month when paying monthly)
  • Visual set-up (floor plan)
  • Check in with QR code
  • Extensive dashboard & analytics
  • Delegate tasks to office manager


  • More than 500 employees?
  • Extra features on your wish list?
  • Contact us for a custom pricing model or options for co-creation.
Features Starter Professional Enterprise

Employee (app)

Book per part of day
Meeting room
Pool car
Extra (custom) facilities

Book a meal
when working overtime

Plan weeks ahead
Register guests
Register guests
Book a meeting room
Book a co-working space

Check in and out with QR code
Floor plan: See who’s where in the building

Manager (web portal)

Set up digital office
Workplaces per space
Meeting rooms per floor
Parking spaces
Add and manage employees
Max. period for forward booking (default 2 wks)

Visual set up Digital Office
Based on actual floor plans

Flexible maximum occupancy
Per space, or
All spaces at once
Adjustable at any time

Dashboard & Analytics
> Planned occupation per employee and space
> Statistics: Average occupancy per day/week
> Planned and historical attendance per employee /per day/per week
> Real-time insight in current occupation
> Check in and out with QR-code
> Know which space is used most/least:
---- Occupancy per space
---- Occupancy per workplace
> Compare occupancy of spaces and locations

Team/office manager role
Plan on behalf of teams or individual employees