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What is Why at Work?

Why at Work is a platform that facilitates hybrid working. The platform consists of a mobile app and a web portal. The app is used by employees and the portal is used by one or more administrators of the organization.

In the app, employees reserve for example a workplace, parking space, meeting room and can check real time occupancy in the office.

In the portal, the administrator can manage all information about the organization and the office. Per floor the number of workplaces and rooms can be set, based on a floor plan. Also the maximum occupancy per room can be easily adjusted. User management and extensive reporting and analysis options are also part of the platform.

How can I start using Why at Work for my organization?

Request a free trial or schedule a demo. You can also contact us via the contact form. We will then contact you within one working day about using the Why at Work platform for your organization.

Set up and manage digital office (web portal)

How much time does it take to set up the portal and the app?

None, because you can start right away! Set up your company in the portal, create departments and rooms, and add employees. Employees merely need to download the app. They can simply login directly with the email address registered in the portal. 

If you want support with setting up the portal, we can always lend you a hand!

Is there a limit to the number of users of the app and the portal?

No, there isn’t. You can add as many users as you want to the Why at Work portal. This also applies to the number of departments and rooms within your organization.

We do use a different pricing model if you have more than 500 employees. Please do not hesitate to contact us about this.

Can I link a user to a department or room?

Users are not linked to a department or room in the portal. In the app the user simply selects the room or department they want to work in that (part of the) day. In case one room is crowded, they can always find a quiet one and reserve a workplace there. If an employee has a fixed workspace, this will be registered automatically when this person indicates their presence.

Is there a way to reserve a workspace or other facilities for on behalf of others?

Yes, this is possible. There is an office manager role in the portal. With this role, the office manager can reserve a workplace, parking space or other facility for other people than themselves.

Dashboard & analytics

Can I see last days’ or weeks’ occupancy in the portal?

Statistics are available in the management portal. These statistics show the average occupancy at the office per day. You can also see when individual employees have been present. This is useful when checking travel allowance!

What reporting and analysis options are available in the portal?

The options are extensive. A selection of the available reports and statistics:

  • planned occupation per employee and space
  • statistics (graphics): average occupancy per day / week
  • planned and historical attendance per employee / per day / per week
  • real-time insight into current occupation (Pro version)
  • Know which space is most/least used (Pro version)
  • Compare occupancy of rooms and locations (Pro version)

Check in and out

Can I see who is in the office?

Both in the app and in the portal you can see what the current occupation is at that moment. When booking, you can also see who has made a reservation, when and where. If you use the Pro version, you can even see which colleague is where on the floor plan.

How do I check in or out?

Depending on the version you are using, you can manually check in and out in the app or simply scan the QR code associated with the workplace, room or other facility that you use.

Book a workplace or another facility

Which facilities can I book via the app?

The app is set up in such a way that basically everything that can be booked can also be set up for your organization.

By default, these are a workplace, coworking spaces, meeting room, parking lot, lunch, pool car, but you could also think of dinner when working overtime or attending (informal) meetings.

Can the app also be accessed via a browser?

Yes, a web version of the app is available. It has the same functionalities as the app.

Can employees also indicate their availability per part of a day?

Yes,  that is possible. A workplace or room can be reserved per half-day (morning and afternoon). Pool cars and other facilities can even be booked per minute.

How far in advance can a workplace or other facility be reserved?

By default, everyone can reserve a workplace in the app for 2 weeks in advance.

As an administrator, you can choose in the web portal how far ahead an employee can reserve a workplace for your organization. This can be as far as you wish.

Pricing and invoicing

What are the costs of Why at Work?

That depends on the version you want to work with:

You can start with the free version for 30 days. Then choose the Starter, Professional or Enterprise package.

For the quite complete Starter package, you pay from €1,- per employee, per month. View the full pricing model here.

How do you invoice? 

At the beginning of the period, you will receive an invoice based on the number of employees in the portal. Depending on your subscription, this is at the beginning of the year or the beginning of each month.

Of course we do not send an invoice for the free trial period.